Allen Moore “In Search of the North Star” and “Comeback Machine (video)”


About the work:

In part, I wanted my work/interpretation to speak to the redlining, sundowning and klan activity. I couldn’t help but resonate with the story/section about a Black Sycamore family living/learning how to survive racism, finding ways to foster community and lay the foundation for Blacks and Non-whites to live in Sycamore for generations to come. In Search of the North Star and The Comeback Machine borrows from the Afrofuturist ideology: Blackness will thrive into the future and beyond.


Allen Moore is a Black American interdisciplinary artist, educator and curator born and raised in the small South Side Village of Robbins, IL. Allen holds a Bachelor of Arts from Chicago State University, a Master of Arts from Governors State University and a Master of Fine Arts from Northern Illinois University. His work converses with the signifiers of African American and popular culture, bringing to view the underlying themes of racial, emotional and socio-economic conditions. His work examines both visual and experimental music, emphasizing the importance of nurturing the Black Imagination with social activism and representation. His educational and curatorial practices focus on building spaces for advocacy, creative representation and healing, working/volunteering with organizations such as Comfort Station in Logan Square and A.C.R.E. in Pilsen. Allen implements the Maker Mindset while working as a STEAM Mentor and Instructor for Youth Opportunity United in Evanston IL, Teaching Artist at Marwen in Chicago IL. Visit the artist’s website.

In the Search of the North Star
Mixed media: Acrylic Ink, Graphite and Color Pencil on Canvas
11 x 14 in, 2021

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