Exclusion: Incomplete history, a story of local education


Photo: Interior image of Clinton Rosette, 1989.

Retired pastor Leroy Mitchell and Veatrice (Drue) Mitchell, recalled their children’s experiences in the local schools.

In social studies classes, content only included stories and perspectives of white people in history. Leroy and Drue Mitchell share how they taught their children’s teacher about Black history. 


Regina Parker also recalled this void in her son’s education. She described her approach to making sure he knew about Black history that was missing in local curriculum. 

In response to these struggles, Parker formed SCAAP, or Sycamore Concerned African American Parents, a parent group dedicated to prioritizing the hiring of minorities in the schools. 

In a series of statements from SCAAP, Parker repeatedly requested the Sycamore School Board that they should hire more minority teachers, counselors, and role models. 

Daily Chronicle, October 12, 1994


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