FourPoets, OneMic “Multiple Titles (on video), 2021”


About the work:

FourPoets, OneMic would like to thank the DeKalb County History Center for this opportunity to shed light on the Dekalb’s history. Each member of FourPoets, OneMic went through their unique creative writing process while learning and reflecting on DeKalb’s past.

The poets then filmed an original poem focusing an element of history along with a vision of how to create a better future for DeKalb County.

Please note: Viewers are advised that some of the language in the poems featured in the video may contain offensive language.


FourPoets, OneMic is a poetry group based in Northern Illinois that was established in 2018. The group centers their work around social justice and educating others on issues facing the black community through wordplay and story-telling. When they’re not hosting shows or performing at feature events, you can catch them participating in local poetry slams. The current group consists of founders Leaux The Heaux and Darius, and members Syd Da Kyd, Nani Nichae’, and Paige Monét. To keep up with events that Four Poets, One Mic are participating in, you can follow them on social media @FourPoetsOneMic, or you can email them at

Here is a clip featuring each of the poet’s performances.

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