Hope: Black Resort Community in Kirkland


Three newspaper articles cover a story about how a group of wealthy Blacks from St. Charles and Chicago came together to purchase 250 acres of land between Kirkland and Fairdale. There were big plans for this resort, including an 18-hole golf course, cottages, dance floor, pavilion, refreshments stand, and a store. However, the newspapers also include the negative feedback from local residents: “In fact, the citizens of a lighter shade up there have gone as far as to contact county authorities. But no evidence has been found that would make a court order lie that would do away with the place. Everything appears to be orderly and lawful” (Sycamore True Republican, July 25, 1928). A month later an article addressed rumors that the idea of the resort was abandoned.

There is no additional information about the resort after this August 1928 article. Additional research has not provided a specific location for the resort, who was financially supporting the project, and why it failed.

Sycamore True Republican August 25, 1928.

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