Hope: Mexicans at Sycamore Preserve Works


There are a few articles from the 1940s and 1950s about people from Mexico coming to work at the Sycamore Preserve Works. This was a local business that canned fresh vegetables. Since this work had to be completed soon after the harvest, they needed a lot of labor to complete the job. Over the years workers from various backgrounds were employed by the Preserve Works including German Prisoners of War, Jamaicans, Blacks, and Mexicans. This work was one example of where migrant workers found jobs in Sycamore. 

True Republican May 14, 1946.

Sycamore Tribune, July 5, 1946.


Sycamore Tribune, August 19, 1948.

Without much of an explanation, there is a Sycamore True Republican article in 1951 reporting that there will be no Mexicans at the factory, but Blacks from Missouri and whites from southern Illinois.  

True Republican, May 29, 1951.

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